Mississippi Nonprofits State Tax Overview

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Read through this page to explore everything related to the State of Mississippi’s registration and reinstatement process of charity organizations.

To offer a comprehensive understanding, we have listed the filing methods the Mississippi state accepts, details of the form to file, how an organization can extend its filing deadline, the penalty imposed, and other links to important resources.

1. Registrations and Reinstatement of Charity Organizations for Mississippi

Registration of Charity Organizations for the State of Mississippi

If you are a non-profit soliciting donations you need to register on an annual basis to do so. You need to complete the registration of your corporation before soliciting donations from any resident of the state. You need to register your non-profit corporation in your home state. You may need to register elsewhere depending on the scope of your corporation -- to what extent the services you offer reach other states.

Filing Method: Online

Filing Fee: $50

Reinstatements of Charity Organizations for the State of Mississippi

If you are a non-profit corporation submitting a reinstatement form, you need to submit the tax clearance letter or certificate along with it.

If you had issues in complying with the state laws, you may be administratively dissolved or lose good standing and need to face state penalties, fines, and other fees. This would affect transactions with banks, government and licensing agencies, and contractors (till reinstatement) resulting in a loss of credibility for the corporation. Those of you who are in charge of your corporation may have to face personal liabilities too.

Filing Method: Online

Filing Fee: $100

Renewal of Charity Organizations for the State of Mississippi

Filing Method: Online

Renewal deadline: 15th day of the 5th month after the close of the organization’s fiscal year.

Filing Fee: $50

2. Annual Reports and Filings for Nonprofits in Mississippi

Mississippi Nonprofits Annual Report

If you are a non-profit corporation you need to file the online Notice of Exemption before attempting to solicit. This Notice of Exemption is a one-time filing. Otherwise, you can register as a charity with the state.

The submission of an annual report is important for being compliant with the solicitation in the state. The due date for filing needs to be appropriately taken care of.

Filing Method: Online

Due date: This report can be filed any time on or after January 1st of the calendar year and is due by April 15th of that year.

Filing Fee: $25

3. Mississippi State Filing Requirements for Nonprofits

As a non-profit, you might use the same form for incorporation as a for-profit business corporation. However, to be compliant for soliciting contributions through all means (including the internet), you need to register with the Secretary of State's Office. This registration is unique from any other filings with the Secretary of State's Business Services Division. If you have doubts regarding whether you need to register with the Secretary of State as a Corporation, you can contact (601) 359-1350 to access the Securities and Charities Enforcement Division. You can also consult a private attorney.

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