North Carolina Nonprofits State Tax Overview

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Read through this page to explore everything related to the State of North Carolina’s registration and reinstatement process of charity organizations.

To offer a comprehensive understanding, we have listed the filing methods the North Carolina state accepts, details of the form to file, how an organization can extend its filing deadline, the penalty imposed, and other links to important resources.

1. Registrations and Reinstatements of Charity Organizations for North Carolina

North Carolina Nonprofits Registration Instructions

  • Creation and Organizational Documents: The 'Articles of Incorporation' are filed in compliance with the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act.
  • Management: A Nonprofit Corporation is controlled by its members and managed by the elected board of directors. It acts under the 'Authority of the articles of Incorporation' and 'Bylaws' of the Nonprofit Corporation.

Registration: File with the NC Secretary of State Business Registration Division.

North Carolina Nonprofits Reinstatement Form N-08 Instructions

Reinstatement: Generally, a nonprofit corporation is suspended by the Department for one of the following reasons:

i. Failure to file a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

ii. Failure to file additional requested information

iii. Failure to file a copy of the Federal Determination Letter

iv. Failure to report unrelated income by filing a tax return

Form: Form N-08, Application for reinstatement following Administrative Dissolution

Filing Fee: $100

Filing Agency: Secretary of State

Mailing Address

Mail to:

PO BOX 29622
RALEIGH, NC 27626-0622
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2. North Carolina Nonprofit Annual Reports and Filings

Requirement: Any Corporation regardless of domestic or foreign, is authorized to conduct affairs in North Carolina must submit an annual report to the secretary of the state. The filing is done through the electronic form as prescribed by the secretary of state.

Filing Due: An annual report is due by the fifteenth day of the fourth month following the close of the domestic or foreign corporation's fiscal year.

Filing Fee: $0

Filing Method: Online

North Carolina State Filing (Form CD-405) Requirements

Even when the organization has no taxable 'unrelated business income', the IRS requires such tax-exempt organizations with gross receipts greater than $25,000 to file information returns (such as Federal Form 990).

A copy of Form 990 is NOT required to be filed with the North Carolina Department.

For North Carolina, tax-exempt organizations with 'unrelated business income' must complete the income tax schedules of the North Carolina Franchise and Corporate Income Tax Return (Form CD-405). They should file their return by the 15th day of the fifth month after their tax year ends and pay tax at the statutory corporate rate.

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