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Why E-File Form 1120-POL with ExpressTaxExempt?

  • Auto-generate 1120-POL schedule D
  • Review System for Board Members
  • Retransmit Rejected Returns for FREE
  • Supports Amended Return
  • Copy Data from Prior Year Return
  • U.S based Chat, Email, & Phone Support

How to e-file Form 1120-POL?

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How to E-file Form 1120-POL Online for the 2021 Tax Year
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Ready to File Your Form 1120-POL Electronically?

Why E-file Form 1120-POL Online with ExpressTaxExempt?

Includes Schedule D for no additional cost

Includes Schedule D for no additional cost

Import data quickly with our bulk upload option

Import data quickly with our bulk upload option

Re-transmit rejected 1120-POL Forms for free

Re-transmit rejected
1120-POL Forms for free

Add multiple users to manage returns on behalf of your organization

Add and manage staff to assist in form preparation

E-file an amended Form 1120-POL return securely

E-file an amended Form
1120-POL return securely

Invite users to review your 1120-POL before transmitting with the IRS

Invite Users to Review and Approve your Return

Ready to e-file Form 1120-POL with ExpressTaxExempt?

Form 1120-POL Schedules

Form 1120-POL Schedules

While filing Form 1120-POL, the additional information about your organization would need to be reported in Schedules and filed along with your 1120-POL return.

ExpressTaxExempt supports Schedule D for Form 1120-POL. This Schedule will be auto-generated depending on the information provided when preparing your 1120-POL return with our software.

So all you have to do is review your information and then pay and transmit your return to the IRS electronically!

Form 1120-POL Amended Return

Form 1120-POL Amended Return

Need to correct information on your previously filed Form 1120-POL?

You can easily e-file an amended return with ExpressTaxExempt and update information from a previously filed return. When filing an amended return, you will need to provide a reason for why you need to change your Form 1120-POL.

Note: Organizations that need to e-file an amended Form 1120-POL return must have e-filed their original return through ExpressTaxExempt

Frequently Asked Question on Form 1120-POL

What is IRS Form 1120-POL?

Form 1120-POL is an annual income tax return that must be filed by organizations with political organization taxable income exceeding $100 for the taxable year.

Only taxable income (generally, the organization's investment income) is reported on Form 1120-POL.

When is the due date to file Form 1120-POL?

Form 1120-POL must be filed before the 15th day of 4th month after the organization tax year ends. For the organizations that operate on a calendar tax year, must file Form 1120-POL by April 15. E-file Now

How to file an extension for Form 1120-POL?

If needed, you may file Form 7004 to get an automatic 6 month extension to file your Form 1120-POL. You must file Form 7004 before the original Form 1120-POL filing due date to get the extension.

What are the late filing penalties for Form 1120-POL?

Organizations that fail to file Form 1120-POL before their deadline must pay an additional amount equal to 5% of the tax due for each month the return is late. The maximum penalty for late filing of Form 1120-POL is 25% of the tax due; the minimum penalty for a return more than 60 days late is the smaller of the tax due or $135.

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