Exempt Organization Late Filing Penalties:
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  • 990 Penalties & How To Avoid Them

    The main questions the ExpressTaxExempt Team receives are almost always about penalties. When it comes to 990 penalties, things get a little tricky. But don't you worry, I will explain them in detail and how you can avoid them or reinstate your tax exempt status. Incomplete Returns If you file an incomplete return, say you didn't fully complete a certain schedule on your 990-EZ, the IRS will contact you... Learn more about 990 Penalties

  • Tax Tips To Avoid Late Filing Penalties For Form 990-EZ

    Unfortunately, just like the 990-N, there’s no sure-fire way avoid IRS penalties for late filing the 990-EZ, except filing on time. In order to understand the gravity of this situation, let’s look at what the penalties could be if you fail to file: “If an organization whose gross receipts are less than $1,000,000 for its tax year files its Form 990 after the due date (including any extensions),... Learn more about Tax Tips To Avoid Late Filing Penalties

  • How To Recover Payments Due to IRS Penalties

    Unfortunately, there is no way to recover penalties and fees paid to the IRS. However, you can avoid those penalties by filing in a timely manner, e-filing a Form 8868 (Extension of Time to File), or adding an explanation as to why your filing late. The IRS will assess penalties on a case-by-case basis given an adequate explanation can be produced. The best way to avoid IRS penalties is... Learn more about Recover Payments Due

  • How To Reinstate Tax-Exempt Status

    The Internal Revenue Service has issued new guidance (in the form of Revenue Procedure 2014-11) for small nonprofits looking to regain lost tax-exemption. The process outlined in the Rev.Proc. significantly changes the reinstatement process... Learn more about Reinstate Tax-Exempt Status

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