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Where to mail Form 990-PF?

- Updated April 21, 2023 - 8.00 AM - Admin, ExpressTaxExempt

Under the “Taxpayer First Act of 2019,” the IRS mandates all private foundations to file their Form 990-PF electronically for the tax year beginning on or after July 2, 2019.

For example: If you are filing a 2019 Form 990-PF for a tax year beginning on or after July 2nd, 2019, you are required to file Form 990-PF electronically.

Previously, the private foundations used to file their Form 990-PF by mail, private delivery service, or electronically.

1. Form 990-PF Mailing Address

Send your Form 990-PF to the following mailing address:

Mailing Address
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Ogden, UT 84201-0027

In case the foundation’s principal office is located in a foreign country or U.S. possession, mail your IRS Form 990-PF to the following address:

Mailing Address
Internal Revenue Service Center
P.O. Box 409101
Ogden, UT 84409

If you prefer to use Private delivery services (PDSs), you can’t mail Form 990-PF to the above address. PDSs won’t deliver mail to P.O boxes.

Form 990pf mailing address

2. Furnishing a Copy of Form 990-PF with the State Officials

Form 990-PF, the return of private foundation must also be furnished to the attorney general of the state listed in Part VII-A, line 8a: which means

  • The state where the principal office of a private foundation is located and
  • The state where the foundation is actually incorporated or created

3. When is Form 990-PF due?

Form 990-PF is due by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the foundation’s accounting period.

May 15th is the deadline to file Form 990-PF for the organizations operating on the calendar tax year.

Operating in the fiscal tax year? Find your Form 990-PF due date now.

If the due date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or any federal holiday, then the organizations are required to file Form 990-PF by the next business day.

For States: The due date to file Form 990-PF at the state level may vary based on their requirements. A copy of Form 990-PF must be sent to the state at the same time when it is filed with the federal (IRS). Learn more

Form 990pf mailing address

4. Meeting Mandate Electronic Filing Requirements of Form 990-PF

As mentioned earlier, the IRS mandates the electronic filing of 990 forms. So, it’s time to meet your e-filing requirements for IRS Form 990-PF.

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