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Other Exempt & Non-Profit Organizations

Various listing of other exempt and non-profit organizations

  • Section 501(c)(1) - Corporations Organized Under Act of Congress (including Federal Credit Unions)
  • Section 501(c)(2) - Title Holding Corporations for Exempt Organization
  • Section 501(c)(11) - Teachers' Retirement Fund Associations
  • Section 501(c)(12) - Benevolent Life Insurance Associations, Mutual Ditch or Irrigation Companies, Mutual or Cooperative Telephone Companies, or Like Organizations
  • Section 501(c)(13) - Cemetery Companies (owned and operated exclusively for the benefit of their members or which are not operated for profit)
  • Section 501(c)(14) - State Chartered Credit Unions, Mutual Reserve Funds
  • Section 501(c)(15) - Mutual Insurance Companies or Associations
  • Section 501(c)(16) - Cooperative Organizations to Finance Crop Operations
  • Section 501(c)(18) - Employee Funded Pension Trusts (created before June 25, 1959)
  • Section 501(c)(21) - Black Lung Benefit Trusts
  • Section 501(c)(22) - Withdrawal Liability Payment Funds
  • Section 501(c)(25) - Title Holding Corporations or Trusts with Multiple Parents
  • Section 501(c)(26) - State-Sponsored High-Risk Health Coverage Organizations
  • Section 501(c)(27) - State-Sponsored Worker's Compensation Reinsurance Organizations
  • Section 501(c)(28) - National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust (45 U.S.C. 231n(j)
  • Section 501(c)(29) - Qualified Non-profit Health Insurance Issuers
  • Section 501(d) - Religious and Apostolic Associations
  • Section 501(e) - Cooperative Hospital Service Organizations
  • Section 501(f) - Cooperative Service Organizations of Operating Educational Organizations
  • Section 501(k) - Child Care Organizations
  • Section 501(a) - Farmers' Cooperative Associations

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