990 Forms are due by October 15, 2021.

IRS mandates Electronic filing of Form 990! Prepare your Forms today and E-File with the IRS.


ExpressTaxExempt is proud to be an IRS authorized e-file provider

Our Software’s service is dedicated to providing the best and most efficient e-filing experience for nonprofits & tax-exempt organizations, no matter how big or small.

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IRS Approval - ExpressTaxExempt is on the IRS’s list of authorized e-file providers.

The IRS recognizes ExpressTaxExempt as a safe and secure way for tax-exempt organizations to file returns. This means we are guaranteed to transmit your forms directly, in the ideal format for the IRS to process and accept. When it comes to handling your organization’s information, security is always our top priority.

As a Market Leader, nonprofits can trust ExpressTaxExempt to provide the excellent software and support that have set us apart as the #1 IRS E-file Provider.

Data Security

Data Security

ExpressTaxExempt’s site is encrypted, Comodo HackerSafe certified, and protected by SSL/TLS AES 256 bit Encryption. We’ve taken every precaution to protect your information so it goes directly to the IRS and no
one else.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

We are here to catch errors before the IRS does. Our software minimizes filing mistakes by double-checking your information before transmitting it to
the IRS.

Expert Support

Expert Support

The ExpressTaxExempt support team is 100% U.S.-based and specializes in filing for tax-exempt organizations.

Support for Tax Professionals

Support for Tax Professionals

Since safety for nonprofits is our #1 goal, we offer expert support and are also happy to support other experts. If you are a tax professional, you can e-file for all your clients and receive professional discounts.

Choose the IRS Authorized e-file provider ExpressTaxExempt to file 990 Forms accurately and securely.

Our software is designed especially for nonprofits. We offer both form-based and step by step interview-style filing options so you can choose the most convenient process for your organization and experience all the benefits of e-filing.

ExpressTaxExempt Supports e-filing of Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF, 990-N (e-Postcard),
1120-POL, & tax extension Form 8868

  • Faster Processing
  • Less time to create your returns
  • Greater Accuracy
  • More secured transition
  • No Paperwork
  • Avoid manual errors
  • Avoid the time-consuming process
  • No need to wait in a long queue

Meet your E-filing Requirements with ExpressTaxExempt

  • Secure & Accurate Filing
  • Auto-generate 990 schedules
  • E-file your Amended Return
  • Retransmit Rejected Return for Free
  • Supports Extension Form 8868
  • Copy Data from Prior returns

E-File Form 990-N (e-Postcard), 990-EZ, 990, 990-PF, 1120-POL, 8868
with our Software